Monday, September 28, 2009

everyday i sit for a while and wonder why there is so much of darkness around while so many people pray everyday to deliver them from evil... they say god created us in his image...philosophies say god is within us...priests say we empower the devil when we choose to all seems to me that we, the mortals hold the power over the paradiso and in an ourselves would take us to the glorious destinies we deserve...but still we are too influenced by the bonds that the societies imprison us with...cursing us to believe that we are inferior to the very force that built us all...break free...believe....we have the power...and together all of us make that mystic god...

this is dedicated to all those who believe earth is the almighty!! (for the rest, just try and believe)..

Hey there, do u see me here
Do u see the silence I hold
Come close, closer still
There’s a story here to be told..

Twenty years its been since
The blood brought forth the rose
Bathed in crimson drops of life
To smile over tears she chose..

Slowly waiting to strengthen her core
She walked to see the lights
World celebrating the fall of evil
She stares at glorious sights..

Year after year she gathers power
Knowledge from far and wide
Gaining trust of souls around
Her true ambitions she hide..

Today she turns of age
To receive the gift promised
Heavens gather with worried thoughts
The demons too haven’t missed..

She opens the box handed to her
As mysteries are unsealed
Centuries old golden talisman
Is what is now revealed..

She takes it out and holds it high
Calling out to the mortal soul
The power over angels and beasts
Forever she thus beholds..

The gods bow down in reluctance
The demons let out a sigh
Earth has risen to be the almighty
With power from depths to the high..

She smiles at the gathering
Content flowing in her veins
Knowing real work has only begun
To heal earth from its pains..

She used to pray amen
Or curse her enemies to damn
But now she says “earth”
The power now lies with man..

From the birth of time to the present breath
They ruled our destinies for long
We bowed we prayed and followed
But now its time to let go..

She was a star who came to earth
As a mortal she lived
She gave us all a part of her
and filled us all with belief..

The talisman of power is with us
So choose our fates with hope
We rule the worlds of paradise and fire
So far above, as below..