Friday, March 26, 2010


i was in college...getting bored as i came up with this after a friend asked me why i abandoned my here it goes...

such a grey morning, clouds invade the sky
i wake up and put up a smile
walk out of my room, dark corridors lead the way
tredding on a path of stone, for countless miles.

in the shadows and around every corner
judgemental eyes glare into my soul
their words all harsh like a soliloquy of death

the mask of a clown hides me whole.

they all see me smile and wonder why
"what are her secrets, are her spirits sold?"
"how can it be that joy chose that witch?"
but they never see how my heart has gone cold.

so many years as i cried alone
no one was there to be with me for a while
helpless did i learn to stand all alone
and painted on my scars a misleading smile.

my life, my words, my soul, my love
all lie bare open for them to treat unfair
my silence like a joker's tear, nobody understands
my grief is all mine, and not to be shared.

i smile for the world, i smile to its people
but they hold it as a crime, those pessimist born
with my cold heart and a warm laugh
on the stone path, i carry on...