Monday, June 1, 2009

suicide or murder

Underneath the gray clouds
Eve held a gun in her hands
Dilemma weakening her nerves
Yet fearless she stands.

She lifts her gun and aims
At the woman standing ahead
They have been together forever
But now she wants her dead.

The woman laughs out loud
The night echoes her hollow voice
She tells her to give up her vain plans
But eve knows its not a choice.

Their cold eyes tell stories
Of an unforgotten haunted past
None can live while the other breathes
Even if apart in a land too vast.

Eve vowed to end this cynic
The woman who knows only pain
Hurt and guilt she causes along
As poison in her vein.

Eve pulls the trigger slow and strong
Aiming at the woman’s chest
The bullet rips through her heart
As they bleed to eternal rest.

Her heart stops beating
The woman thus slowly dies
Eve smiles at her victory
And then gently closes her eyes.

At dawn people find eve
Lying cold beside the lake
A bullet wound left her dead
Her peaceful face shall never wake.

Eve committed that one crime
Some people felt so sorry
She killed the monster inside her
But no one could know this story.

Some lamented at her wasted youth
Some said she was fearless
Some criticized her actions
For treating her life so careless.

What she did is hard to praise
That night was of a suicide or a murder
Some respect her some do not
To some she’s a coward, to rest a martyr.