Thursday, May 21, 2009

lovers of dark

In the silver light she sees him stand
The rays glisten off his perfect skin
He smiles like an angel innocent and calm
He holds a deep mystery within.

Desires of temptation fill her bosom
A sinful odyssey emanates
She knows its wrong, yet she goes
Locked in his embrace she rests.

As Lucifer’s son tells of his plans
A seditious song he sings
She gently trembles at her thoughts
She fears that she might lose him.

She knows his soul is corrupt
He’s chosen the side of terror
But her world is dead without him
As she will love him forever.

He knows he should not be with her
When he holds the crown of sin and death
But he cant let go of his princess
He loves her with or without a breath.

His soul does not breathe anymore
And the beating has stopped in her heart
Together they ignite tragedy
Tyrants of Eden, lovers of dark.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my sins

Evil dwells in my heart
It weaves an untuned melody
Strangling my dreams of freedom
It carves a satirical tragedy.
My mind is calm as the night
As my heart urges me to sin
Vanity, envy, greed, lust, wrath
Help me embrace the darkness within.
These five sins I hold deadly in my veins
Two sins I add that was born of me
Heartless and sarcastic I behave
My seven sins beckon a cursed destiny.

Power and respect I crave forever
Vanity brings these thoughts
Unspoken envy in me alive
Damning those that I have not.
Intentions cruel, wanting all
Greed rewards more than must
Love not a factor for my survival
Vexing in passion brings to lust.
The raging beast of anger within
Wrath controls my fragile soul
Mockery of fools that seek my presence
Sarcasm I offer, I’m told.
But most of all compassion I detest
Heartless is my frozen self
The devil breathes through my lungs
Unforgiven pleasure I delve.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

rusted patience

There’s a voice inside my mind
Talking to me silently
It tells me not to believe my eyes
As it shows nothing but lies.

The world is not all smiles and songs
There’s no right there’s no wrong
When clouds eclipse the blatant sun
My veins turn cold and numb.

Then comes ego to me and says
Life is nothing but darkness
This daylight keeps all in a trance
As fate keeps testing my rusted patience.

See the stars as they cry upon us
See the scars on the moon above
Greed and lust forever stay
Deceiving angels guide my way.

In the dark I lost my soul
All the sins are now so pure
Then when the sun comes and shines
It kills my eyes as it bleeds and cries
In the mist that I see
I cant live I cant breathe.

So when ego comes and says
Life is nothing but darkness
I believe the light is a trance
Fate scripts my rusted patience...

last breath

Like an illusion I see me smile
Just a calm smile inside my head
My body feels light as it lies down
I found peace harder done than said.
It was the same with all my emotions
An empty space marked with scars
Kept on pushing for a glimpse of horizon
Reached for it and found a black star.
Lying speechless I tried to kill the pain
It came back stronger as a crimson regret
My thoughts were in fragments always
I found this one truth so I can forget.
Don’t wake me up, I’m somewhere else
It has an unusual serenity
There’s no wind or rain to hurt
In this world of eternity.
Don’t call my name, I wont be back
I’ve closed my eyes to disappear
I feel safe without a breath
Don’t wake me up, don’t bring back tear.
I see an angel crawling to me
I silent word put as faith
Hear this now, I’m not afraid
To let go of my last breath.

my life..

Candle burns like a tear drop
Memories that it has brought
Chapters of life that seem so hollow
Melts into its own black shadow.
Closed eyes try to see
A blue sky of their dream
Eyes when open look faded
Even in sky dark clouds invaded.
Once the hands with flames, now ashes smeared
A life that was now disappeared
On fond breast the beloved rest
A troubled soul one feared.
A crescent life so incomplete
Needs more than hope to lead
A road that ladders eternity
Endless beauty of a dark pity.
Lost in forest, tripped on roots
Hands unknown pull back foot
Forever and ever torn sails fight
On a stormy ocean, my ship, my life.

papa let go

Papa you’re my hero
The man most mighty
Strong and courageous
Someone I dream to be.

Papa you are my savior
Catching me when I fall
You give me protection and comfort
Happiness and all.

You bought me my dreams
And lavish gifts so pretty
Kept me in my golden cage
Never letting go of me.

But papa now you see
I’m all grown up today
Ready for the bad world
Ready to paint my way.

Its time to let go of me
You made me strong like you
Papa let go of me
My dreams I must pursue.

There’ll be a day when you leave me
To survive on my own
I know you’ll bless me from the stars
So I’ll never feel alone.

But papa its time to say
Goodbye, I love you more
There’s a world that I must travel
Papa now let me go.

He took the ice from his soul
Stabbed her chest till she went cold
Grabbed her heart and tore it out
Then he let go.

As she fell to the floor
Bled to red on the snow
Let the pain take control
Then all was lost.

The girl he loved and left to die
Made it breathing through that night
Though she walked with no life
She lived no more.

With coldness in her eyes
Without a heart she survives
There’s no truth, there’s no lie
Just power she wants.

Dooming those who cross her path
Queen of vain, sin and wrath
Damning all in love, cursing stars
As she walks the earth alone.