Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hey you, standing there in the light
while i hide in the dark from you
you stand there with arms open wide
like a mirage of love and happiness too.

you smile at me assuring i'll be safe
but why does it chill my bones
step by step i come closer to you
your touch feels cold as stone.

i shiver in your embrace, my heart beats fast
all my senses tell me to run
you tighten your grasp as you feel my doubt
crushing my defences as they leave me stunned.

i try to breathe but my lungs feel week
drowning in all your love and care
i try to break free but you're too strong
you see me die slowly as you just stare.

how can you hurt me so deep
like a blade slowly pushing deeper into my vein
you're smothering me, this cant be called love
the scarlet sky bleeds on us as it rains.

its not your mission to run my life
its not parenting if you kill your child
let me mend my broken wings
and learn my way through the wild.

but my pleads you dont hear
you rule my world with your iron hand
as my heart goes numb under the hurt
my tears dissapear under the waves of sand.