Sunday, November 22, 2009

i know i said no more posts, but hey when do i ever follow rules?? nor do i pledge sticking to my dont count on me..ok so here goes, another piece on depression..

i see an angel in the mist
smiling at me like a dream
I know its deceptive
Hope is nightmare, always seems.
I press my hand on my heart,
Trying to stop it from ripping my soul
Is it trauma, is it misery
Im entering into darkness untold.
My angel has broken wings
No savior, no escape, no relief to be taken
My god has forsaken.
I drown in the hollowness
Look up at the sky saying hallowed be thy name
Into the graves of depression
I lie defeated, cant feel, cant blame.
Cross my arms over my chest
My angel buries me into earth
I close my eyes, a wounded scorpion
The last breath gets impatient to be set free
And I fade into oblivion..