Sunday, January 31, 2010


sunday afternoon, i sit and gaze
upon the sparrow flying through its dreams
my sight falls on a girl sitting deep in thought
solving mysteries in her head it seems..
she looks at me with desperate eyes
a silent look of screaming loneliness
invisible ropes hold her to her seat
her soul struggles in all the mess..
i see her face cold without a smile
incapable of emotions, her blank stare
i dont feel pity, instead i fear
how solitude killed this girl's care..
i knew her over the years
as the sparkle in her eyes faded
forced to be where she didn't belong
the loved turned into the dreaded..
they say she is not human
just a broken product of life
but i knew her to be a girl
who lived for others with her heart on a knife..
they all came, they all left
she never forgot the moments she shared
they moved on in their own journey
but she thought they cared..
she waited for them to turn
to come back and take her along
her hope turned to anger and anger to stone
the lines blurred between right and wrong..
she shut down, no words, no desires
and no one asked her why
time flies and she breathes through betrayal
no protests but a silent cry..
we are born alone
a truth that cant get any clearer
and we shall leave one day, alone
i nod to her and turn my gaze away from the mirror..