Friday, February 11, 2011

this is dedicated to a very precious friend..livestrong my friend..we love u..
Look at the sun, so warm, so bright
they say it beats evil and gives life
its radiance, its beauty and its might
to be strong as his sun, he strives.

But why is his sun getting eclipsed
Streams of dark rays penetrating his skin
as he runs around to get a glimpse of light
against the enclosing darkness he tries to win.

Fading light brings in the pain
he fights, he writhers to get up
but the shadows clasp onto his body
he fights on, never does he stop.

Losing breath is easier than hope
why do you believe against it they ask
night after night he talks to himself
wonder what fuels his desire to live.

He says he is restless and impatient
he says he hasnt lived, how can he leave?
a dream takes birth in his heart
for her he fights, her faith, her belief.

He says he closes his eyes and dreams this dream
holding her and walking towards the horizon
he looks at the sleepy earth silent after a war
then he smiles at the sky as his sun shines on.