Saturday, August 29, 2009

worthless voice

this is a late night out of the mind composition and bears some resemblance to reality..but thats life..sometimes one cannot find words eloquent enough to describe its glories, and sometimes normal unexceptional words can express how at times life simply sucks. i dedicate this to all the losers out there..all rise for the greatest losers!

trying hard to feel
i feel numb to love
begging for approval
i seek blessings from above.
but God just laughs at me
tells me he's not a saint
he's just an artist
our destinies he paints.
i turn to my angel
"please help me feel"
she says i'll never be able
to know love for real.
i think its alright
i got better plans anyway
i need to please my papa
by being a superstar everyday.
but then God the painter
summoned angel the player
they started playing tic-tac-toe
over my dares and cares.
everything i care for
they marked with a zero
everytime i dare to
they cross me from being a hero.
dad sees me fail
it shames him to know me
mom knows i'm fine
but in her eyes i see worry.
with no one to turn to
i lie alone in the night
emotions burst out in tears
failed ambitions i try to fight.
smothered, failed and imprisoned
three words desribe my existense
trying to follow all the rules
slowly fades my insignificant presence.
i keep getting up every new day
even after i fall from grace
i play the player and pose for the painter
with smile on my shameless face.
and at night when they win
i cry myself numb and cold
their pawn i am i'm told.
the story of my life is simple
a sad soul in silent noise
on burnt pages of fate
i script my worthless voice.

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