Monday, November 1, 2010

past tense.

i have always had the habit of scribbling down poems in whatever paper pieces i could get.. was going through some old notebooks and found a piece. dont remember when i wrote it, but im guessing its atleast 2 years old. going through my own poems i feel im kinda psychotic. i've been this crazy since forever. and i continue to be so. so here's another story. enjoy.

her hands are burning, flames all around
a glint in her eye and her face turns a frown
tears are coming but she wont break down
she's gotta fight, let the blood stain the ground.

hungry eyes look at her, dark like nightfall
tension rising, it cannot be stalled
crouched and alert ready for brawl
he smashes his fist at her, and hits the dry wall.

she stands still holding his face
he breathes hard trying to make sense
they look at each other, everything in haze
rage to passion binds them in a cage.

slowly beauty turns to beast
she takes a gun and thrusts into his fist
as she shoots her heart breaks to bits
he holds her close to steal a last kiss.

flames to ashes under the moon
he hums her a lullaby tune
she sleeps silent as he feels marooned
he takes the gun andd says "see you soon".

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  1. weird...psychotic..maybe....but yeah...amazing...*hats off*...