Tuesday, February 23, 2010

this is a real story about a person very close to me..she is a middle aged woman now, and she told me long ago that "when it really matters, you're really alone"..after a rough few weeks i thought about her and wrote this for her..for the record, she never found what she needed..

Love don’t last and friends don’t stay
Empty promises fade away
Tears roll down with no one to see
A lonely heart alone it sleeps.

On a day so blue, and skies so grey
I look at the photos on the wall
A group of friends smiling wide
They don’t resemble reality at all.
A song I hum along so much
Of joy, of fun, times low and high
Of seasons in sun and splashes in rain
But like seasons, the good times pass on by.

A desperate search for a human face
Who would stand by me till the end
In joy or sorrow in sickness or health
Someone to be my true friend.
The journey of life has taught so much
Naïve expectations better not made
For every person breathes selfish desires
When it truly matters, you’re alone, its said.

Often I found someone to trust
Often a fool while giving all to them
Needs fulfilled, they walked away
Leaving behind only the pain.
Words of faith and care misused
In shallow smiles they enticed me
Now words lay broken without love
With a wounded trust left to bleed.

The smiles in photos look ugly
Like corpses of betrayal and sin
Inhuman face of cherished friend
Leaves me terrified within.
Twenty years I search and fail
For a friendship stronger than storms
Twenty years I bruise and bleed
In false promises and fake bonds.

Through the years my mind gets jaded
With thoughts of a cursed destiny
Am I disturbed or just depressed?
Alone forever meant to be.
So it seems that love don’t last and friends don’t stay
The empty promises fade away
Tears roll down with no one to see
My lonely heart alone it sleeps.


  1. Sometimes we just wonder whether we are demented or plain disturbed...lonliness shrouds us like poisonous tendrils .....but we have to survive...even if we are alone......good one...liked it

  2. loved the dark subtlety...and the rancor for our cynical life...

  3. loneliness can actually kill... very dark yet beautifully written pen... its when friends dessert, the heart bleeds more...

  4. LOve don't last and friends don;t stay !! are dese bonds we make are really fake ????