Wednesday, February 17, 2010

this is a rough sketch of an idea..i did not find enough time to edit and restructure the im putting it up in its rough form..well its my blog, and its my voice..rough or smooth, deal with it..

Born in a world, ruled by sons
A girl has no place to be
She grows up to be like a boy
Her fading feminity..

But alas a girl, her soft emotions
A prince comes and steals her heart
She sings, she swoons, all in love
Together, to never be apart..
She trusts him blind, and puts her faith
She grows her hair and finds her grace
He makes her feel loved and cared
And holds her close to keep her safe.

But he is a boy, and doesn’t know
How easy it is to break her trust
He goes about owning the world
And ignores her tears that wet the dust.
People around praise him for all
A boy can be anything he wants
But she gets disapproved for her love
Every step their judging eyes haunt.

The girl now alone, the boy has gone
She smiles and hides her wounded soul
she fights for her place in a boy’s world
as slowly her heart turns cold.
She finds friends who give her love
She bonds into a stronger ally
Times spent with them so pure
She moves past all truth and lie.
But she is a girl and it is a fault
If she finds a friend in a boy
Judging eyes return to haunt her
Prejudiced opinions steal her joy.
A girl and boy mustn’t be close
She is warned by ladies that its too bold
She rolls her eyes and pays no heed
Till she hears them say her morals are sold.

She has stepped into a world of men
While traditions bind her down
daughters and sons have all forsaken her
while she hides behind the tears of a clown.
For she is a girl forever at fault
Fighting critics her strength is torn
Her love, her friendship both so stained
Days and years she fights alone.


  1. gud work!! u cud separate a few lines i guess..but yea only to crowd up more verses..all in all a nice piece to reflect upon.
    kudos!!! *wink*