Thursday, October 8, 2009

feel the love

she closes her eyes and it scares her
demons of her past come haunting
she shivers and reaches out
but the emptiness around is so taunting.
No one there to hold her close
To make her feel safe tonight
The shadows keep calling her name
She fights back with all her might.

He sits alone staring blank
Thoughts playing on his mind
He thinks of her being all alone
He’s more cruel to her than kind.
He doesn’t know why he treats her so
Though he needs her and loves her more than breath
But the beast comes out when he feels her
Slowly strangling her to her death.

Twenty five years its been
They lived and loved forever more
Smiles and cheers lighting their faces
With dark eyes and their crumbling core.
Love was just a sadist’s show
While reality tore them from inside
Abuses and curses bruised their hearts
Which their rings and vows did hide.

I see them smile, see them cry
Roses and thorns side by side
They promise eternity always
To spread their love far and wide.
They scream in pain and force a smile
Uproot the flowers and kill the dove
They poison each others lives
I smile and ask, do you feel the love?

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