Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They say love comes so easy
They say its patient and is kind
They believe whats not real
Its tears and smiles entwined.

They say love is pure and peaceful
They say it does not envy or boast
Well they may not know
Its full of doubt and sacrifice of most.

They say love is not self seeking
They say its not angered, is not rude
We dunno who they are
But know that love makes you more crude.

They say love is truth, is not evil
It keeps no record of our wrongs
But soon this promise fades
It remains no happy song.

They say love protects and brings hope
It trusts and preserves these vows
Love cannot simply be stated in words
It slowly turns to dust, nothing lasts forever now.

Love is all these things
And also none of these
To some its elixir of life
To others it robs them of peace.

Love can make us be so hollow
Yet we submit ourselves to this crime
Living through its curses and boons
We blindly follow our hearts and close our minds.

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