Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s a strange thing, feelings…it can strengthen you, or cripple you. I’ve seen people fall in love and then get hurt. And yet they say “it was worth it” and agree to go through all that all over again.
This is dedicated to love songs, ccd, and long chats..

You were my strength and my smile
But you let me fall
You had my heart, my soul
My breath, my mind, my all.
As the clouds eclipse the moon
You left me alone in the rain
I lift my head to the crying sky
It gently washes away my pain.
Seasons come and pass on by
All the wounds heal with time
I got no regrets from my past
I’m glad for a while that you were mine.
All the wrongs that we had done
All the screams and all the tears
They seem to not matter now
And I seem to not fear.
Although trust and faith were broken
Like a drug its in my vein
After all the lessons learnt
I would still want to love again.