Sunday, October 18, 2009

They stare at this girl watching her mess up her life
They shake their heads disappointed
‘cause she’s not worth their time.

As she falls every step and bruises her grace
She wipes a tear from her eyes and picks herself up with a brave face.

They judge her by looks and the way she talks and dresses
Well this little girl couldn’t but care any less.

She tries to win but keeps falling apart
Somebody needs to save her
And rebuild her heart
And hold her and love her forever.

Caged and alone she looks at the sky
Praying to heaven and seeking deliverance
She’s strong on the outside and she doesn’t care
But inside she’s longing for acceptance.

Voices around her tell her she’s not worthy of love or respect or a dream
All lies people tell are turning to truth to her it seems.

With a broken spirit she puts on a smile
Searching the crowd to see if she finds
The one who will tell her all will be right
And together all worries they’ll fight.

So they keep watching this girl everyday
Her every way they condemn
She hangs onto her faith and just smiles at them.

She hopes she will soon be saved from this place
In a fantasy world she’ll find her lost grace
She’ll walk hand in hand singing a song
That’s where she dreams to belong..


  1. the poems never seizes to amaze me...wonderful work...

    btw...i've updated my award list...and you've been awarded....:P ... go and receive it....

  2. yeah i saw it...thankoo so much!

  3. hmmm... neva knew u write! fascinating stuff!!! btw happy b'day!

  4. can i b d Saviour???i wsh i cld b...
    bt am...
    castled in m life's shore...
    prisoned in a dungeon i live...
    rough walls surround me ...
    stale air dat i breathe is burnin m lungs...