Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He took the ice from his soul
Stabbed her chest till she went cold
Grabbed her heart and tore it out
Then he let go.

As she fell to the floor
Bled to red on the snow
Let the pain take control
Then all was lost.

The girl he loved and left to die
Made it breathing through that night
Though she walked with no life
She lived no more.

With coldness in her eyes
Without a heart she survives
There’s no truth, there’s no lie
Just power she wants.

Dooming those who cross her path
Queen of vain, sin and wrath
Damning all in love, cursing stars
As she walks the earth alone.


  1. thats wat being cursed is all about!! lovely work...

  2. Deadly dark you write, I see....
    The numbness of the dark, it could be...
    Gothic, Morbid...please shut all light,
    Keep on writing more dark than bright!!!