Tuesday, May 19, 2009

rusted patience

There’s a voice inside my mind
Talking to me silently
It tells me not to believe my eyes
As it shows nothing but lies.

The world is not all smiles and songs
There’s no right there’s no wrong
When clouds eclipse the blatant sun
My veins turn cold and numb.

Then comes ego to me and says
Life is nothing but darkness
This daylight keeps all in a trance
As fate keeps testing my rusted patience.

See the stars as they cry upon us
See the scars on the moon above
Greed and lust forever stay
Deceiving angels guide my way.

In the dark I lost my soul
All the sins are now so pure
Then when the sun comes and shines
It kills my eyes as it bleeds and cries
In the mist that I see
I cant live I cant breathe.

So when ego comes and says
Life is nothing but darkness
I believe the light is a trance
Fate scripts my rusted patience...


  1. wonderful piece of writing...congo!!

  2. wonderfully gothic ... you write hell black ...keep on writing

  3. how can u express ur thoughts so clearly nd purely.. its jst a masterpiece.thnx