Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my sins

Evil dwells in my heart
It weaves an untuned melody
Strangling my dreams of freedom
It carves a satirical tragedy.
My mind is calm as the night
As my heart urges me to sin
Vanity, envy, greed, lust, wrath
Help me embrace the darkness within.
These five sins I hold deadly in my veins
Two sins I add that was born of me
Heartless and sarcastic I behave
My seven sins beckon a cursed destiny.

Power and respect I crave forever
Vanity brings these thoughts
Unspoken envy in me alive
Damning those that I have not.
Intentions cruel, wanting all
Greed rewards more than must
Love not a factor for my survival
Vexing in passion brings to lust.
The raging beast of anger within
Wrath controls my fragile soul
Mockery of fools that seek my presence
Sarcasm I offer, I’m told.
But most of all compassion I detest
Heartless is my frozen self
The devil breathes through my lungs
Unforgiven pleasure I delve.


  1. *bows head in respect*
    a sacredly dark work...haven't read these kind for ages....

  2. ah....darkness!!!....interesting.
    how d ya manage t write stuffs like these...its realy cool!!

  3. "(-ve)_infy" is the point of super singularity.
    It rocks................