Thursday, May 21, 2009

lovers of dark

In the silver light she sees him stand
The rays glisten off his perfect skin
He smiles like an angel innocent and calm
He holds a deep mystery within.

Desires of temptation fill her bosom
A sinful odyssey emanates
She knows its wrong, yet she goes
Locked in his embrace she rests.

As Lucifer’s son tells of his plans
A seditious song he sings
She gently trembles at her thoughts
She fears that she might lose him.

She knows his soul is corrupt
He’s chosen the side of terror
But her world is dead without him
As she will love him forever.

He knows he should not be with her
When he holds the crown of sin and death
But he cant let go of his princess
He loves her with or without a breath.

His soul does not breathe anymore
And the beating has stopped in her heart
Together they ignite tragedy
Tyrants of Eden, lovers of dark.


  1. pretty romantic....dark romance eh??
    gud thinking!

  2. true *sighs deeply* so very true..*sighs again* Tyrants of eden...lovers of dark....a truly wonderful post.....

  3. your dreams...your stories seems to be wonderful...... and the theme is really a good one....*amazed* a masterful blog!!!!!