Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my life..

Candle burns like a tear drop
Memories that it has brought
Chapters of life that seem so hollow
Melts into its own black shadow.
Closed eyes try to see
A blue sky of their dream
Eyes when open look faded
Even in sky dark clouds invaded.
Once the hands with flames, now ashes smeared
A life that was now disappeared
On fond breast the beloved rest
A troubled soul one feared.
A crescent life so incomplete
Needs more than hope to lead
A road that ladders eternity
Endless beauty of a dark pity.
Lost in forest, tripped on roots
Hands unknown pull back foot
Forever and ever torn sails fight
On a stormy ocean, my ship, my life.


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  2. it just takes me to a closed door through which i can just peek in...
    you just need a very tight hug!...
    xcellent work!