Tuesday, May 19, 2009

last breath

Like an illusion I see me smile
Just a calm smile inside my head
My body feels light as it lies down
I found peace harder done than said.
It was the same with all my emotions
An empty space marked with scars
Kept on pushing for a glimpse of horizon
Reached for it and found a black star.
Lying speechless I tried to kill the pain
It came back stronger as a crimson regret
My thoughts were in fragments always
I found this one truth so I can forget.
Don’t wake me up, I’m somewhere else
It has an unusual serenity
There’s no wind or rain to hurt
In this world of eternity.
Don’t call my name, I wont be back
I’ve closed my eyes to disappear
I feel safe without a breath
Don’t wake me up, don’t bring back tear.
I see an angel crawling to me
I silent word put as faith
Hear this now, I’m not afraid
To let go of my last breath.

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