Tuesday, May 19, 2009

papa let go

Papa you’re my hero
The man most mighty
Strong and courageous
Someone I dream to be.

Papa you are my savior
Catching me when I fall
You give me protection and comfort
Happiness and all.

You bought me my dreams
And lavish gifts so pretty
Kept me in my golden cage
Never letting go of me.

But papa now you see
I’m all grown up today
Ready for the bad world
Ready to paint my way.

Its time to let go of me
You made me strong like you
Papa let go of me
My dreams I must pursue.

There’ll be a day when you leave me
To survive on my own
I know you’ll bless me from the stars
So I’ll never feel alone.

But papa its time to say
Goodbye, I love you more
There’s a world that I must travel
Papa now let me go.


  1. show this one to your daddy!! he'l let u go right away ;)...nice work!!